Fur (2006)
"Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus"
Shooting started May 2005.
Shooting completed.
Limited release date of November 10, 2006
Fur opened the Rome Film Festival October 13, 2006



Fur (2005)   
 Cast and Crew
Steven Shainberg
Erin Cressida Wilson
"Fur" by Patricia Bosworth
Laura Bickford, Patricia Bosworth, Andrew Fierberg, William Pohlad, Bonnie Timmermann, Vincent Farrell (co-producer), Adam Brightman (line-producer)
Executive Producers:
Alessandro Camon, Edward R. Pressman, Michael Roban
Nicole Kidman  
Diane Arbus
Ty Burrell
Robert Downey Jr
Courtney Taylor Burness
Young Diane
Harris Yulin
Jane Alexander
Genevieve McCarthy
Boris McGiver
Jack Henry
Marceline Hugo
Tippa Henry
Emily Bergl
Mary Duffy
Christina Rouner
Lyne Marie Stetson
Elzbieta Czyzewska
Mrs. Rebushong
Official Site :
(poster and trailer)



11 February 2007
Fur DVD to be released 1st May 2007. Thanks nicolefan17 and

13 October 2006.
Fur opens Rome Film Festival Premiere. The Rome Film Festival opens with a stunning Nicole on the red carpet. Thanks kiki and kiha
Read members excited and interesting personal accounts of their Rome Film Festival experience and how they enjoyed Fur, with actual personal video from Silvia Basile of Nicole on the Red Carpet.
Thanks fanitaly, SilviaBasile, Samantha Stevens.
Click here for fanitaly's account
Click here for samantha stevens Fur review (warning spoilers)
Click here for SilviaBasile's video from the Red Carpet and venue.

4 October 2006
More Fur photos. Thanks nicfan22

12 September 2006
A second Fur Poster has emerged. Thanks TheSparklingDiamond and nathalia.

4th September 2006
Fur Poster finally seen on the official site. Unusual. A combination of a razor and camera linking the 2 themes of the movie.Thanks silviabroome.

1st,4th September 2006
Fur was shown at the Telluride Film Festival, in Colorado, USA. Director Steven Shainberg was present at the film's 2 showings. Telluride Official Site  See writeup of Fur at the feestival on this blogspot.

1st September 2006
Big news! Fur trailer is released, and Access Hollywood shows clips from the trailer. Thanks cinema1 and kiha for links and kiha for caps, and many thanks to Adrian and Ed (Que) for making so we could ALL see the trailer and access hollywood video.

24 August 2006
Fur is officially announced to open the Rome Film Festival on October 13, 2006. It is also announced Nicole Kidman will attend the gala opening. Thanks nicolefan22

12-13 July 2006
Fur has a limited release date of November 10, 2006 (US) according to Thanks skanky.

10 July 2006
Vanity Fair August 2006 has a 9 page spread covering Diane Arbus and Fur. ET mentioned the magzine and showed Paticia Bosworth speaking on the film. Thanks Livia (and centergirl) for scans. Thanks skanky and montage for tipoff.

18 June 2006
Intriguing Fur Film Stills. Thanks Skanky.

16 February 2006.
Fur is to be a contender at the Cannes Film Festival. Thanks C81 for the news. UPDATE. This did not happen. 


Fur Set Photos.

See many many Fur Set photos posted by our members in our Fur forum. Also check Nicoles Inbox for any recent Fur news.


Click on the following images for the first scanned article from the Daily Telegraph (Australia) March 25th 2005 on Diane Arbus and Nicole's upcoming part in Fur.


Based on the book "Diane Arbus: A Biography " written by Patricia Bosworth , Fur is the story of Diane Arbus (1923-1971) the famous ground-breaking photographer.

Arbus (nee Nemerov) was an American photographer, best known for her compelling portraits of the unusual, the fantastic, and the freakish.

She was the daughter of a wealthy businessman and sister of poet and critic Howard Nemerov. At the age of 18 she rejected a college education and married Allan Arbus (divorced 1969), who worked in her father's fur and ladies clothing store. Together they worked as fashion photographers until 1957. In the mid-1950s, under the influence of her mentor Lisette Model, Arbus began regularly to photograph all manner of people and events in the city and its environs. In 1960 she did her first photo-essay, for Esquire magazine,  in which she effectively juxtaposed high life with squalor. Thereafter she made a living as a free-lance photographer and photography instructor until her death by suicide (in 1971).

Formal elements of her provactive later work, include the use of a square format, which, among other effects, emphasizes the significance for her of the subject over the photograph's composition, and the use of flash lighting, which gives an added dimension of theatricality and surrealism. Arbus' own evident intimacy with the extraordinary subjects of her photos - including nudists, sideshow freaks, and transvestites- resulted in images that assumed the sympathy and collusion of the viewer and never failed to elicit strong response.

A collection of her photos was published in 1972, and Diane Arbus Magazine Work and a biography by P. Bosworth were published in 1984.

Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica.

A year after her death (1972) 10 huge blowups of her work were exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the first American photographer to have her work shown. 250,000 people came to see her work.

Diane Arbus

To sample photos taken by Diane Arbus go to the following link.

  For the enthusiasts. Some books with photography of Diane Arbus, including the biography by Patricia Bosworth, excerpts of which can be viewed online.

Diane Arbus Revelations by Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus : Untitled by Doon Arbus, Photos Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus Magazine Work Thomas Southall (contributor) and Diane Arbus (Contributor). See excerpts of book on here. Diane Arbus Magazine Work- see inside the book 

Diane Arbus : A Biography. By Patricia Bosworth. See excerpts of book on here. Diane Arbus A Biography - see inside book


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